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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

Soul Food - Intro

Mars Hill Church | | Soul Food, Meditation | 0 comments
29 April
Apr 29
29th April 2016

The Bible tells us to taste and see that the Lord is Good. It gives us the encouragement that if we read the bible through the inspiration of the Holy spirit it becomes like food to our souls - it does us good. Soul Food is therefore our weekly mediation, an opportunity for us to read and allow Scripture, the bible, to become part of our lives. So we encourage you to read or listen, ask questions and apply to your life. Please tune in each week and Nourish Your Soul…   ...

Soul Food - Out of Slavery - Ex-Deut.

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
31 October
Oct 31
31st October 2017

Introduction:I often speak to people who are not sure they hear God, or see what he does in their lives, or if he really exists. If they do they often feel God he is distant or not interested. This is most often tied into unanswered prayer, prolonged illnesses, or situations that suddenly shake what we thought we knew about God. God is often missed in everyday life because we are so busy, so busy on our goals and aspirations. So busy trying to fight our fears, and avoid our phobias. We are so ...

Soul Food - Out of Eden - Genesis

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
25 October
Oct 25
25th October 2017

Introduction:There are two ways to get to my parents in law; the quick way, up the motorway, or the long way through the countryside. One gets the job done, the other takes its time, but allows us to appreciate the beautiful countryside we live in. One is over quickly, the other takes its time. One has little pleasure, the other puts a smile on your face. As we embark on this crazy task of running through the bible in 8 weeks, I don’t want us to just rush through it, but to savour the momen...

Soul Food - Galatians - Walking on Water

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
20 October
Oct 20
20th October 2017

Introduction:Peters story of walking on water is one of starting in the Spirit and ending spectacularly in the flesh; the very point Paul is correcting the Galatians about. Why had they abandoned their faith? Why had they stopped believing in the one true gospel and the sufficiency of the cross? Why were they trying to live out their faith through works and religion? Why had they been made new, set free, but now wanted to live in bondage? Why is it that we like them often prefer darkness rathe...

Soul Food - Galatians - Bound to be Free

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
3 October
Oct 3
3rd October 2017

Introduction:Freedom is something that everyone longs for, and for centuries people have fought for. Our country prides itself on its freedom; freedom of speech, freedom to express ourselves, freedom of religion. In some ways people would say we are more free than we have ever been, however, I wonder if all this freedom is just an illusion, and instead of these choices and ideals making us more free, we have become more enslaved.   Key Verse:I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longe...

Soul Food - Back to the Future - Revive

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
25 September
Sep 25
25th September 2017

Introduction:For two years we have had the vision of Radical love; exploring how we can demonstrate Gods overwhelming love to each other and our communities. Linked to this was creativity, and the myriad of ways God has created and gifted us to share this amazing truth. This year God has refined this vision to - Authentic love. This crazy outrageous love of God needs to be real, genuine - authentic. It’s not about us being crazy in what we do to show love, but its about our actions and words...

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