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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

Soul Food - Intro

Mars Hill Church | | Soul Food, Meditation | 0 comments
29 April
Apr 29
29th April 2016

The Bible tells us to taste and see that the Lord is Good. It gives us the encouragement that if we read the bible through the inspiration of the Holy spirit it becomes like food to our souls - it does us good. Soul Food is therefore our weekly mediation, an opportunity for us to read and allow Scripture, the bible, to become part of our lives. So we encourage you to read or listen, ask questions and apply to your life. Please tune in each week and Nourish Your Soul…   ...

Soul Food - Out of Revelation

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
11 December
Dec 11
11th December 2017

Introduction:Whenever I mention the book of Revelations I often get a couple of responses from; Thats all about end times stuff, 4 horseman of the apocalypse, end fo the world. Or thats just weird crazy and I totally don't understand it. Although there is some truth in both their responses, this, I believe, is not the primary purpose of the book. I believe its number 1 purpose is to reveal Jesus to us, and ultimately not the carpenter Jesus, but the risen Jesus, who is King of Kings and Lord ...

Soul Food - Out of Grace - Romans and Epistles

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
5 December
Dec 5
5th December 2017

Introduction:It interesting to hear what peoples views are on life, heaven, eternity. Many people, even Christians believe that if there is a heaven, you get there by being good, or just because God is good. In 2005 a survey was done among American Christian teenager, out of 3000 who took the survey the overall theme of what these teenagers thought was the common religious beliefs among Americans and that was moralistic therapeutic deism. Basically a good God creates people who he wants to be ...

Soul Food - Out of the Church - Acts

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
30 November
Nov 30
30th November 2017

Introduction:Last week we saw that through the gospels Jesus showed us that a life of humility, of death to sin brings something beautiful, which was fully realised by the cross. We now see how this new found life through the Holy, brings the presence of God out of the church into everyday life. We see how God takes ordinary people and through the empowering of the Holy spirit creates History makers. This means we are on mission and that the purpose of gathering is not just fellowship. Fellow...

Soul Food - Out of Gods Mouth - Ezra-Malachi

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
16 November
Nov 16
16th November 2017

Introduction:I remember as a kid being out with my best mate. We were a fair way from home, near the woods and wild area we used to play in, when a storm suddenly hit us: it was as if someone threw a black blanket over the sky while turning on the turbos of a jet engine. The wind suddenly kicked up, the sky went black, then the thunder and lightning was out of this world: it was as if your head was inside a drum. My mate froze in fear - he was absolutely petrified. He didn’t know what to do,...

Soul Food - Out of this World - Josh-2 Chron.

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
10 November
Nov 10
10th November 2017

Introduction:My brother loves to wash his hands. When he was a kid, if it got a little dirty he wasn’t happy. So he avoided dirty stuff. Sometime we think the christian walk is like this, that because God is Holy, we are meant to be Holy, and to be Holy we can’t associate with anyone who isn’t Holy, who is sinful, who is in some way dirty. But is this really what God meant? Is this really what Jesus taught (I came for the sick, touched lepers, dead people, prostitutes etc)? Did Jesus wan...

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