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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

Soul Food - Intro

Mars Hill Church | | Soul Food, Meditation | 0 comments
29 April
Apr 29
29th April 2016

The Bible tells us to taste and see that the Lord is Good. It gives us the encouragement that if we read the bible through the inspiration of the Holy spirit it becomes like food to our souls - it does us good. Soul Food is therefore our weekly mediation, an opportunity for us to read and allow Scripture, the bible, to become part of our lives. So we encourage you to read or listen, ask questions and apply to your life. Please tune in each week and Nourish Your Soul…   ...

Soul Food - Gender Confused - Cultural Crisis

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
22 February
Feb 22
22nd February 2018

Introduction:We are currently in a cultural crisis - in our search for freedom we are creating more bondage. With 71 different genders on facebook, we are making labels for labels, and it is no wonder that our generation today is growing up confused about so many things including their sexuality. So although people have wrestled with these things since time began, our world seems dedicated on labelling and classifying people by their sexual preference or their gender identity. It is in to thi...

Soul Food - Gender Confused - Made in the image of God

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
14 February
Feb 14
14th February 2018

Introduction:We are told we are what we do, what we feel, what we eat… `we are defined by our jobs, sexuality, belief etc. But the bible tells us something different. Everything boils down to identity. Who is God, and who we are in the light of Jesus. We are not our grades, jobs, careers, relationship or sexuality. But the truth is when we look at these big issues, what is right, wrong, how people feel, what drives, or motivates us, it all comes down to identity.   Key Verse:God created m...

Soul Food - Jesus on the Streets - No Stopping

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
31 January
Jan 31
31st January 2018

Introduction:Our street team recently got talking to a bunch of young guys who were drunk. When we mention we were Christians one of them set off on this whole thing that if God was real why doesn't he do something with the mess we are in - why doesn't he help people, heal people, instead religion just create wars… Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to say too much as they had to go, but what I wanted to say is he has, he has given this world us. He has given the world him. The truth is ...

Soul Food - Jesus on the Streets - No Religion

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
23 January
Jan 23
23rd January 2018

Introduction:We can often get hung up on how people see Jesus, not realising he is big enough to reveal himself without our Christian boxes. We can formulate pictures, or ideas of what a Christian is meant to look like, and they get fixed with our insecurities until before long we are asking people both inside the church and out to be something that God never intended them to be. Our faith becomes hollow, about show, what the outward appearance of things are, and not what is going on in the he...

Soul Food - Vision Sunday 2018 - United: Together on a Mission

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
9 January
Jan 9
9th January 2018

Introduction: God spoke to us towards the end of 2017 saying we needed to look outward again, we needed to go out and make disciples (followers of Jesus), and that as we go we will grow; we will grow in love for Jesus, for each other, in unity, and we will grow numerically. So this new year God is going to be bringing a shift in focus. Over the last year or so we have pursued authenticity and love, we have been confronted with many attacks from the enemy as we have looked inwards to discover...

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