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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

How we began

Mars Hill Church  began in February 2009  in a Rugby Club function room, with a core of only 8 adults and 4 children,   but from the start we were joined by others including some children from the bar.    

During 2008, Dave, with his wife Lucy, had been praying and dreaming of a  church  that would reach out to the most deprived area in Teignmouth.   The  church  was to be real, raw, stripped back, and based around friendships, community, and the love of God.  Centered on Jesus, it was to be grounded in the Bible and intent on mission.   God had been speaking to them for some time about this kind of  church, and over the years He had been confirming in many different ways that this was His plan and commission for them.   Towards the end of the summer 2008 it became apparent that God had also been speaking to a few others and giving them a similar vision of a  church  that was going to take the Great Commission seriously and grow through people finding the amazing truth in Jesus.   God was also speaking to this core group about the need to be real and to reach out to the community by making a difference to people's lives in practical ways.   This core group began to pray together towards the end of 2008 and into the early part of 2009, when they stumbled across the Rugby Club and believed that this was where God wanted them to be.   From Feb 2009 the small group met at the Rugby Club, trying out various formats for Church, which still happens today.  

The church was officially recognised and commissioned in September 2009.   The church today is still in its early stages longing to see God break in through His people in Teignmouth, across the nation and into the whole world!   It is only because of what Jesus has accomplished through his life, death and resurrection that this world can be restored, made whole and people brought back into a relationship with God.   The  church  is still looking to God for the right opportunities to make a difference in the community; they continue to pray that everyone will  Get Connected  - exploring together what it means to follow Jesus and invite others on the journey.


Church Links and Giving

As a Church we have close links with Alan Smith, former pastor of New Life Community Church.   They have supported David and Lucy ever since they grew up in the church and continue to support them today.   New Life Community Church is a vibrant church that has been working hard in the Medway towns for a number of years ever since it first began in 1988.   Alan Smith, who used to pastor the church, has great wisdom and experience in leading churches and is a great help to David; we look forward to continued close relationships with him.

We also have good links with Riviera Life Church in Torquay.   Pastor Ian Williams has supported Dave and the church for a number of years now.   Ian has been a good friend and mentor to both Dave and the church, and we value his experiance and support.

We believe it is important to have external accountability and continue to seek such from other Godly, Christ-centred churches and leaders.


As a Church we beleive that we should be generious with everything, and so we give 20% of our church income away in addition to the community work we do.   This means we have links with, and support, various people and charities.   These include:   CAP  (Christians Against Poverty), Compassion.