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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

Mars Hill Church | | Soul Food, Meditation | 0 comments
29 April
Apr 29
29th April 2016

The Bible tells us to taste and see that the Lord is Good. It gives us the encouragement that if we read the bible through the inspiration of the Holy spirit it becomes like food to our souls - it does us good. Soul Food is therefore our weekly mediation, an opportunity for us to read and allow Scripture, the bible, to become part of our lives. So we encourage you to read or listen, ask questions and apply to your life. Please tune in each week and Nourish Your Soul…   ...

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
21 May
May 21
21st May 2019

Introduction:Israel have been hurt and hurt bad - basically their relatives are coming against them, rather than helping them. The Edomites were descendants of Esua, Jacobs twin, whom Israel descended from. They were to be friends and allies, yet Edom had got proud, they didn’t believe they needed anyone, and in their pride thought they were untouchable even by God, so they persecuted the Israelites. Last week we saw how pride starts in the heart and plays out in; your position, in what you ...

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
9 April
Apr 9
09th April 2019

Introduction:Have you ever been in a really dark place? Have you ever wondered if God really existed? Have you ever blamed God for stuff just not working out? Have you ever faced such a big mountain that you did not know how you was going to get passed it? Being a Christian as we saw last week, although is the best thing the world has the promise of hardship (1 Peter 1, 4). Peter Tells us not to be surprised when the trial comes. Why because trial produce faith and faith produces dependance an...

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
3 April
Apr 3
03rd April 2019

Introduction:The Greatest showman was very popular last year, and continues to be popular as famous artists bring out remixes of the various songs. But why was it so popular? Because it’s a great show and a great story. Everyone likes the underdog coming through, and everyone likes a good show in the process. Well the events of Easter is one of those stories - the underdog comes through, disaster turns to victory. Death gets defeated by life, sin a Saviour, Satan a redeemer, goodness overcom...

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
6 March
Mar 6
06th March 2019

Introduction:The gospel is under attack in our churches today, not necessarily from outside the church, but from within. The traditions that people have fought and died for are being lost and people are preferring a more open, inclusive less threatening gospel. But when ever did Jesus say the gospel was inclusive and non threatening. He said narrow and long is the way to eternal life. He said if you want to save your life you need to loose it. He said unless you pick up your cross and die you ...

| | Soul Food, Religion & Spirituality | 0 comments
8 February
Feb 8
08th February 2019

Introduction:Have you ever got out of the shower after it’s been on for a while and then gone over to the mirror and its all fogged up. So you try and wipe it, which improves the image you see, but it’s still a bit distorted. So it is with our view of God and life and ourselves. Doesn’t it feel at times that what we see or now is just unclear, blurred? Maybe everyone whether we know it or not are looking for something to make sense of this world and life. We are looking for our understan...

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