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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

Mars Hill Podcasts


Ask Anything: Never mind God bless America, what about God Bless Israel?

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Ask Anything on 10th August 2014. | Duration: 00:45:22 | Keywords: Ask Anything, questions, Israel, war, current events, Jews, chosen people   |  0 Comments 


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We are often taught to Bless Israel as God's chosen people. We are told that they are special to God, and that his covenant with them is to bless them so they could bless others, and so we too should bless Israel (Gen 12v3). But should we bless everything Israel does? If you have been looking at the news over the last few weeks, you will notice that there is a hugely controversial war going on in Palestine. This war between Israel, and Palestine has been going on for years. Its is a political war based around land rights, heritage. Depending on what you read, you will see that Israel are killing; men women and children, even targeting innocent people. Others would say, they are not, but there are human shields put in place by Hamas a potential terrorist organisation.

Either way we know that what is going on is not good. Should we therefore still bless Israel? Just because they are God's chosen people are they exempt from judgement and justice? Have they got a free ticket to heaven? Or have they now blown it? Has the church replaced Israel? How do we as Christians respond to all this?

By Mars Hill Podcasts - follow them on twitter .

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