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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Obadiah - Kingdom Come

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 3rd June 2019 in Religion & Spirituality | kingdom authority,Kingdom,Jesus,Father,Holy Spirit
God has gifted us and uses us to preach and live out the gospel, to bring the Kingdom and this starts with prayer. We need prayer weeks, prayer nights, prayer days, fasting and praying and getting on our knees - To see a church on their knees desperate for Jesus and for the things of God - Hungry, broken, crying out. Not because Jesus hasn’t already done it and won the victory, but because he already has. But we can’t be silent, we cant be still, we cant just sit back and say everything is ok. We must get out of our prayer meetings and brings God Kingdom every day with everything we say and do and with everyone that we meet....

Freed to Be free - Galatians - Bound to be free

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 3rd May 2018 in Religion & Spirituality | love,salvation,gospel,freedom,free,Jesus
Introduction:Freedom is something that everyone longs for, and for centuries people have fought for. Our country prides itself on its freedom; freedom of speech, freedom to express ourselves, freedom of religion. In some ways people would say we are more free than we have ever been, however, I wonder if all this freedom is just an illusion, and instead of these choices and ideals making us more free, we have become more enslaved....

Strong Foundations - Genesis 29-31 - What kind of Christian?

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 29th September 2020 in Religion & Spirituality | Christian,salvation,devotion,disiples,perseverance
Being a Christian isn’t always easy… If we truly want to live for Christ - it costs, we need perseverance, we need to be willing to let go of our life, and as Jesus said - we need to loose our life, if we want to truly find his. I have been asking myself - What Kind of Christians is the church producing today? Are we anything like the picture God had in mind? We want to portray the true gospel, and see real authentic Christians being disciples and looking to make other disciples, who are willing to come and be a living sacrifice and whose delight is Jesus....

Back to the Future - Refocus

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 19th September 2017 in Religion & Spirituality | focus,kingdom,love,power,gospel,word,spirit
Its easy over time to loose sight of what God has spoken, vision can get skewed or pushed off course, so God has been brining us back to the beginning so we can move forward into the future. It is time to for us to refocus, to regroup, to do a few things well, not just in our own strength, but in the power of God. To do this we need to look to bring both the Word and Spirit together in everything we do, until our community is impacted by Authentic, Holy Spirit empowered, life changing, love....

Obadiah - Maranatha - Jesus is coming soon.

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 26th May 2019 in Religion & Spirituality | love,lost,sheep,find,heaven,hell,gospel,moved,presence,Holy Spirit,Jesus,God
Are you living as though any day could be the last? Are you living with the tension of heaven is just around the corner? Are you living with eternity in your heart? Are you planning, preparing, running for the day that you meet Jesus. We are told that he is coming again. The early followers believed Jesus would come back before they died - they would say to each other Maranatha - Jesus is coming soon. There was excitement, delight, wonder and worship. Paul put it like this it is better for me to go to be with Jesus, but at this present time, its more needed for me to be here. Or he put it another way - for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.  ...


Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 24th April 2016 in General Topics | Called,calling,Gift of God,purpose,empowered,world changers
We are all called by God, we all have a gift and purpose, and God wants us to use all that we are and have for His purposes and Glory. Many of us think we need to first get our lives sorted, or become educated and equipped in some way. Yet the beauty of the gospel is that while we were dead in our sin, Jesus died for us. He died to deal with our sin, to give us new life and through the Holy Spirit in us, to empower us to be world changers.    ...
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