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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Acts 8: Reproducing Lilies

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 3rd November 2013 in Acts | Acts, New Testament, Christianity, video, Power
As we move into the second part of Acts, we see that the death of Stephen is a catalysts for the good news of Jesus to spread from Jerusalem into the surrounding regions. Just when you think things couldn't get any crazier, just when you thought that people being healed by shadows was a little outrageous, God the Holy spirit turns things up another level. The death of Steven and the scattering of the Church, was just the starting point of the greatest movement to ever have been birthed, and it continues today with great momentum and direction... and that movement is the Church....

Lets Get Real #5 - Relationships

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 27th June 2017 in Religion & Spirituality | relationship,friendship,love
So today lets get real about relationships; all kinds of relationships; friends, dating, marriages, kids - the whole lot because we believe there are general principles that flow between them all. In todays culture there is a real blurring of edges, particularly linked to relationships and particularly marriage, sex and sexuality. So we want to be real with you; challenge some of these world mindsets that try to creep into the Church, whilst also giving biblical insight on how we can all be better friends and build better relationship, both inside and outside the Church....

Soul Food - Leviticus 1 - Chameleon Christianity

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 13th March 2017 in Religion & Spirituality | Leviticus,Approaching God,sacrifice,holy,holliness,sanctification,soul food
Introduction: The Church of today is looking just like the world - I have pet chameleons, and Chameleon are able to shift their cells under their skin to change colour, to blend into the background, so they can’t be seen. This is what is too often happening among Christians. One of the reasons the Church seems to be ineffective in our country is because it is conforming to the pattern of the world, rather than being transformed by the renewing of its mind. This means you can’t tell the difference between the Church and the world. We look the same, rather than shining so brightly that there is a contrast. We have bought into the lie that we need to somehow...

Soul Food - Lets Get real #1: A Worldly Gospel

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 23rd May 2017 in Meditation | soul food,leviticus,authenticity,authentic love
  Introduction Let’s Get Real. That’s the message God is giving us. That’s what Authentic Love means. Authentic Love isn't just a snappy title or a cool graphic that has put together: it’s something that is at the heart of God. It’s something that God is wanting us to grasp. It’s something that will change the Church and impact our world like no other. The world was turned around by 11 ordinary guys, later passed on to a small Church of around 120 who were devoted to Jesus, lived authentically, and cared about others more than themselves, so that the power of the Holy Spirit was at work among them. They knew what it was to get real…   Key V...

If Jesus... did evangelism

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 31st July 2016 in If Jesus Series | if jesus,evangelism,evangelist,gifts
  There is this popular term amongst Christians and Churches and that is evangelism, Many Churches have evangelism departments, courses and even groups. Certain people are identified as evangelists and are counted on to reach the ‘lost’ for the Church. But is that what God intended for his Church? Did he just want a few people reaching the masses? And not only that what is evangelism and what does this look like? Have we made it look like seeker sensitive services - these are the only services we are allowed to take people to, as if our other services are going to put people off. Have we made it look like street evangelism - using boards a...

Acts 13: Faith Moves

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 8th December 2013 in Acts | Acts, New Testament, Christianity, video
Faith moves, Jesus said, if you have faith as small as a mustered seed then you can tell this mountain to fall into the see and it will (Matt 21v21).  Faith always has action and evidence.  Hebrews 11v1-3, 6 backs this up.  Faith move us, moves God, and moves situation.  As we have looked at Acts, we have seen how faith moved in the early Church and we are seeing how by faith God is moving in our Church too....
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