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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Soul Food - Who do you Think you are?

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 1st March 2017 in Religion & Spirituality | Identity,labels,Jesus
Who Do You Think You Are? IIntroduction: There is a popular TV show called Who do you think you are, that traces peoples ancestries way back to find out what kind of family they are from, and if anything tragic happened in their past. Many of the celebrities discover things they didn't know, and many of them are quite impacted by what they find out. Yet does our natural ancestry really make us who we are? Does knowing who our descendants are define us? Is there something that the world is trying to discover, yet missing the most crucial bit of the puzzle? Most of us have got pretty skewed views of who we are and that affects everything; how we relate to peo...

Soul Food - What manner of man?

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 1st May 2016 in Meditation | soul food,meditation,if Jesus,discipleship
Introduction There was a famous song released in 1995 and it went something like this; What if God was one of us, Just a slob like one of us, Just a stranger on the bus. Trying to make His way home? If God had a face, what would it look like? And would you want to see? If seeing meant that you would have to believe In things like heaven and in Jesus and the saints and all the prophets? Ironically God did become one of us and turned up in the dusty towns of Galilee. He had a face, hands, Body and legs, he would have sweated, struggled with B.O., got tired, and had relationship struggles. He worked in his dads business as a carpenter, and went with his famil...

God Knows You

Posted by Mars Hill Elders on 25th July 2016 in General Topics | Eternity,God,love,knows,relationship
God Knows You We can often point to a time when we realised God was real, for many Christians this is a turning point in their lives. We have a sense of what life used to be and what life is now. I also know many people who have grown up in the faith and feel that they can't point to one of these times, but I would encourage you to think back to the time when you made the decision to have your own faith and not live off the faith of others because these points are significant for us, they will help us to carry on in our faith when times get tough. They will remind us, constantly, of the impact that God's love and power can make in someone's life.   One t...

Soul Food - Where's Jesus?

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 12th December 2016 in Meditation | soul food,where's Jesus
Introduction If you have ever seen the book where’s Wally, you will know its basically a book with different pictures in, and the pictures are super crowded and you have to find this guy called Wally in it. He is wearing a red and white stripy hat, jumper and scarf and he wears glasses. To make it even more difficult they put other people in that look similar to Wally. Sometimes life can be like that, Jesus is there but we just cant see him; he is hidden in the crowd, noise and busyness of life. When you are school and the people around you are giving you a hard time - where is Jesus? You loose your job - where is Jesus? You are having trouble with a love...
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