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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 29th November 2015 in Exodus |
Those people who have gardens will know that we have to keep things well pruned. Some plants are more delicate than others and have to be treated carefully: others are stronger and need to be pruned more vigorously. But, even when we leave just a little stump showing above the soil, the plants flourish the next year. If we don’t prune them, they grow gangly and will break in the wind. Pastor Dave, in his sermon today, likened this to the work that God is wanting to do in His Church. His pruning makes us strong. In Exodus, we’ve been looking at how God’s people were trying to understand what it meant to love God and to trust Him in everything. A...

Our Relationship with God

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 1st November 2015 in Exodus | Exodus 20:
In this week’s sermon, Pastor Dave revisited Exodus 20 relating this to the freedom we have in Christ as seen in the New Testament. He said that fear prohibits us from walking in the power God has for us. We forget that He has never let us down - and He won’t start now! The world is constantly driving and pushing us forward to be bigger, better, wealthier, to aim higher. The Church has the same mentality: we constantly take on weights and never fully realise all that God has for us. During the worship sense, Pastor Dave saw a picture of a cross on fire. He challenged us: do we understand what God has done for us on the cross, burning away all the rub...

Social Sunday

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 15th November 2015 in Social Action | social action, social justice, social sunday, Anode, Hope For Justice, HITS, Tree of Life, CAP, Compassion in Jesus Name, UK Mens Shed Association
This week it was our "Social Sunday" where we take some time to look at the various social projects that the Church is involved in and supports. Our very own Dave and Tina spoke to us today about what they do and how they help the local community. Tina manages the Torbay Domestic Violence Unit and Dave is responsible for helping people in danger of losing their homes.   Who We Support Here you can find more information on the charities that Mars Hill supports or is involved in. Click on the logo to visit the corresponding website:          Watch More You can also watch the Hope For Justice video, w...

Love Speaks Louder

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 8th November 2015 in Exodus | Exodus 20:1-22
Pastor Dave began today’s sermon by asking us to consider three questions. Who is God and who is He in His nature? What does He call us to be like? How do we live in that calling? In Exodus 21 and 22, we see something very strongly of God’s holiness. How does the world reflect God? He can be seen in many ways but still we see people marginalised and oppressed. While many are fighting for good, the bad still seems to build up with so much brokenness, hurt and disconnection. So how do we walk in this and what does God ask of us? We throw away so much food - yet there is still so much poverty. Are we part of the solution or part of the problem? While we...
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