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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Soul Food - Beacon of Hope

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 27th June 2016 in Meditation | soul food,beacon of hope,living sacrifices
  Introduction God has really been stirring something in me over the past few months - and that is a passion to see this nation changed. Many people look at me when I say this and reply with something like "but it's got so bad." Do you know what my response to that is... great, why?Because we've got to the stage now where it is only through the power of God that this nation can be changed. There is no other way - God is now the only hope for this nation and to me that sounds like an amazing hope. God is raising His church to become the beacon of hope that it is meant to be; a place where the people already within it are living their lives in tune with G...

Soul Food - If Jesus did Mars Hill Church

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 11th September 2016 in Meditation | soul food,if jesus did Mars Hill Church,devotion,study,meditation
Introduction The church, in general, is in danger of loosing what set it apart in the first place; People overwhelmed by the love of God, totally devoted to Jesus, living in community together reaching out to a world with the love, power and presence of God. Many people think the church is outdated and not relevant to today - from the Sunday service to the mid week meetings - many people are trying to find new ways of doing things - fresh expressions. This can often involve Churches trying to soften the musical worship times, reduce preaching slots, thinking people wont connect because it is not relevant. Many people are trying to think of new ways of presen...

Soul Food - Leviticus 16 - The Culmination of the Ages

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 12th July 2017 in Religion & spirituality | Atonement,sacrifice,love,life,forgiveness,sin,salvation
Introduction:So many of us have been brought up with lies, things that have been spoken over us, the way we have been treated, situations that have come upon us. All these things shape and colour our view; the way we see God, ourselves each other, the world. Some of the most significant and insignificant events later on in life come out and feed the growing insecurities that we have picked up along the way. And at the same time we almost live in a self fulfilling prophecy of it all, through these lenses, and insecurities we reinforce them in ourselves by they way we handle and perceive situations. In addition to this we are great at heaping, guilt and condemna...

Soul Food - Vision Sunday 2016 pt 2

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 26th September 2016 in Meditation | soul food,vision sunday 2016,part 2,first love,jesus our first love,meditation
Introduction Jesus is to be our first love. I believe this is what is at the heart of the churches condition to love each other and be effective in the world - without it we just love ourselves and our mission is lost. 2016 is to be a Year of Radical Love, year of creativity, a year of vulnerability, a year of building true relationships, a year of true sacrifice, where Jesus is our first love.   Key Verse “To the angel of the church in Ephesus write: ‘The words of him who holds the seven stars in his right hand, who walks among the seven golden lamp stands. “‘I know your works, your toil and your patient endurance, and how you cannot bear...

Our Relationship with God

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 1st November 2015 in Exodus | Exodus 20:
In this week’s sermon, Pastor Dave revisited Exodus 20 relating this to the freedom we have in Christ as seen in the New Testament. He said that fear prohibits us from walking in the power God has for us. We forget that He has never let us down - and He won’t start now! The world is constantly driving and pushing us forward to be bigger, better, wealthier, to aim higher. The church has the same mentality: we constantly take on weights and never fully realise all that God has for us. During the worship sense, Pastor Dave saw a picture of a cross on fire. He challenged us: do we understand what God has done for us on the cross, burning away all the rub...

Army Not an Audience

Posted by Mars Hill Elders on 4th August 2016 in General Topics |
An Army not and Audience Being a Christian is not a passive lifestyle, its not a crutch or a pathway to an easy and lazy life. Being a Christian is meant to be something that is challenging, life changing; people with a purpose, intent on seeing the mission and vision of God realised in the community we live in. The church is Gods only plan for reaching the world with his love by the life of Jesus through the power of the spirit. There is no other plan, God has put all his eggs in one basket and that is his church; everyone who truly is a follower of Jesus. I read this week a small phrase which has stayed with me and it is this; we must build an army not an aud...
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