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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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The Power of love

By Luke Wilson in General Topics on 1st June 2014 | Duration: 00:41:03

The church is at its best when it gives itself away in love. As Christians God is calling us to live radically with a love that looks beyond, race, age, class and gender. It looks beyond the outward faults, and searches to bring out the treasure within every individual. We are called to love like Jesus....

Father's Day

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Guest Speaker on 15th June 2014 | Duration: 00:19:57

Guest Speaker Robert Partridge speaks today on the love of God as a Father on Father's Day....

The Joy of the Lord

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 18th August 2013 | Duration: 00:30:22

Read Nehemiah 8:10. We all have things that make us happy and, for a while, fill us with joy.However good these things are, they will always fade. The joy of the Lord is an everlasting experience, something that will not fade and because of this it should be our strength to face life. In order to experience this joy, we first need to be filled with the unending love that God offers us. To watch the video which Paul mentions, click here....

Acts 6: Equipped to Serve

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Acts on 20th October 2013 | Duration: 00:27:16

...work. But God's love is a love of action. not one that just stands by - and if we are filled with the Holy Spirit we need to show that love in action, whatever the cost. A challenging message for us all!...

Acts 7 - Resistance is Futile

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Acts on 27th October 2013 | Duration: 00:42:00

...The Holy Spirit is on the move in the most powerful ways, the church is growing so rapidly that they cant keep up with the demands of the people. Structures are now being put into place to help manage the growth, as the Jesus message begins to spread to more and more people. Opposition keeps rearing its ugly head, and yet nothing can stop this powerful move of God. The church is on the offence, and the Kingdom of God is destroying the Kingdom of darkness, and people are being radically changed by the overwhelming love and power of God. Today we see that when we stop resisting the Holy Spirit and embrace Him fully, we too can have the same Kingdom impact.  ...

Acts 11: Why I still want to be called a Christian!

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Acts on 24th November 2013 | Duration: 00:38:25

...The word "Christian" has often conjured up many negative connotations, and has even been badly misrepresented. So it is time to redeem the name of Jesus Christ, so that it becomes more than a swear word, or a label, but a way of life, centred around not a religion but a person - Jesus. Yes, Christianity is a religion, but its not about religion, it is, and always has been, all about Jesus. Today we will see that Jesus loves it when we boldly bare his name and live in a way that we carry his reputation with integrity, love and power!...
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