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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Kids Unstoppable

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 28th February 2016 in General Topics | kids,children,unstoppable,miraculous,family
We have a dream that our kids will be unstoppable for Jesus from the toddler to the teenager, from the baby to the babbler, that Jesus will be fully alive in their lives - and we want you to Pray and pursue that dream too. We want our kids to encounter Jesus, to know Jesus, to love Jesus, to live for Jesus, to see the miraculous, to believe the impossible. But being like a kid is for the adult too: we are all kids of the King and God wants to work through all of us. How dynamic would a church full of both adults and children fully alive in the Spirit be!  ...

Stories from May

Posted by Mars Hill Testimonies on 6th June 2016 in Testimonies |
Stories From May: Over the month of May we have been encourgaing eah other to be naturally supernaturally and so for our church weekend, teams went out onto the streets of Buckfastleigh and the Abbey to look for people to Pray for and speak to.  Many people came back Praying for various illnesses, including a tuma, someone recovering from a heart attack, and people that were lonely.  Many of the people Prayed for were visibly inmpacted by the love of Jesus as they felt God touch their lives and even bring them to tears.  What was supper exciting was how the children took part in this too. This has now coninuted with people doing this in their ev...

Strong Foundations - Genesis 9-10: Not on my Watch!

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 25th March 2020 in Religion & Spirituality | light,City on a Hill,Hope,Love,Life,Freedom,Jesus
I was moved by Chris Higham’s painting God gave him of the church coming together in the darkness and becoming a light set on a hill. Others last week shared the same testimony that this is what God had been speaking to them about. Then as I went about my work this week and chatted to people I saw that light - each one of us represented the light. As people speak to people, give them hope, take a meal, Pray for them, bring a word of encouragement, or are at home interceding in Prayer the light shines even brighter. A city on a hill truly can’t be hidden…...

Exodus 17: Strategies For Battle

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 4th October 2015 in Exodus | Exodus 17:
Although Satan’s plan is to sift you like wheat, Jesus has Prayed that your faith will remain. Satan wants us to attribute his working against us to God working in us. He wants us to believe a lie about God and the situation we are in. All that Jesus says is that He is Praying that our faith will remain: that our utter dependence and absolute certainty is in nothing else but Him. Salvation is the Greek word, Soza, which means to be saved but also healed, set free, made whole, which is all possible because of the cross: that’s what Jesus is Praying for, that our faith is in Him for these things. It has nothing to do with whether we Pray enough, fast e...

Daniel 9: Power House Prayer

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 7th September 2014 in Daniel | Daniel, Kingdom, Culture, Old Testament, Prayer, power, healing
Prayer meetings are often seen as dull and boring. They are notoriously the worst attended meetings, and yet my Prayer is that as a church we will reverse that and they will become our greatest, and most strategic meeting of all, where literally as we Pray heaven opens up, and engulfs this world with love, hope, power, healing and wholeness. Today I want us to begin to see how through Prayer everything is possible, yes we have authority to go into the world to heal sick, cast out demons and raise the dead, but it is all seated in love and intimacy with Jesus. It is only possible in the quiet place of Prayer, where we actually connect with the heart beat of God....

Soul Food - Jesus on the Streets - No Stopping

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 31st January 2018 in Religion & Spirituality | holy spirit,Jesus,love,power,healing,Salvation
Introduction:Our street team recently got talking to a bunch of young guys who were drunk. When we mention we were Christians one of them set off on this whole thing that if God was real why doesn't he do something with the mess we are in - why doesn't he help people, heal people, instead religion just create wars… Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to say too much as they had to go, but what I wanted to say is he has, he has given this world us. He has given the world him. The truth is that Jesus has done and given us everything through his death and resurrection to see this world healed - physically, emotionally and spiritually - the question, as alway...
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