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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Spontaneous - Songs, Words and Revelations

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 24th September 2019 in Religion & Spirituality | Holy spirit,rest,peace,comfort
This week the Holy Spirit took us on a different path as he spoke to us through various people in the church, listen in to hear what God was saying....

Exodus 3: I AM

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 5th July 2015 in Exodus | Exodus, slavery, freedom
I AM is Yahweh, a name the Jews felt was too Holy to utter. The I AM who revealed himself to Abraham. The Israelites had forgotten but God, I AM, comes again to His people. God continually reveals Himself to us.   I AM - I will be who I will be. The Eternal God, who IS and WAS and IS TO COME, eternally reigning and ruling. He wants us to begin to understand the incomprehensible. The Bible tells us we can have the mind of Christ as He reveals Himself to us individually and corporately.  Jesus told the leaders, I AM - not just a carpenter s son but God Himself. He says to us, Be Holy for I AM Holy and by taking our sin on Himself, He gives us salvation and...

Soul Food - Out of this World - Josh-2 Chron.

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 10th November 2017 in Religion & Spirituality | dirty,sin,clean,Holy,love,redemption,Jesus,Holy Spirit,God
Introduction:My brother loves to wash his hands. When he was a kid, if it got a little dirty he wasn’t happy. So he avoided dirty stuff. Sometime we think the christian walk is like this, that because God is Holy, we are meant to be Holy, and to be Holy we can’t associate with anyone who isn’t Holy, who is sinful, who is in some way dirty. But is this really what God meant? Is this really what Jesus taught (I came for the sick, touched lepers, dead people, prostitutes etc)? Did Jesus want us to rather than hide from darkness, to shine brighter in the midst of it? Jesus wants us to live out of this world through his kingdom that changes and shapes the wor...

Daniel 1 - The Culture of Heaven

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 18th May 2014 in Daniel | Daniel, Kingdom, Culture, Old Testament
The story so far is that the Babylonians have taken over Israel, they have taken some of God's people into their own country. Most of these captured guys where teenagers and the purpose of the Babylonians was to try and mould them into the Babylonian culture, train them to be Babylonian. However, today we see how these teenagers resist the pressures around them by setting themselves apart. A Holy People for a Holy God....

Acts 19: Ordinarily Extraordinary

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 23rd February 2014 in Acts | Acts, New Testament, Christianity, video, Holy Spirit, demons
We come to a very exciting passage of scripture. Paul turns up in Ephesus and all heaven breaks open. Paul's successful ministry in this city came with such Holy Spirit power, that people left their cults and alternative religious beliefs, their spiritualism and occultism to follow Jesus. The work was so powerful, that Paul became a threat to the dominating temple of Artemus (Acts 19:27). Life, music, religion was impacted and left changed....

Acts 7 - Resistance is Futile

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 27th October 2013 in Acts | Acts, New Testament, Christianity, video, Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is on the move in the most powerful ways, the church is growing so rapidly that they cant keep up with the demands of the people. Structures are now being put into place to help manage the growth, as the Jesus message begins to spread to more and more people. Opposition keeps rearing its ugly head, and yet nothing can stop this powerful move of God. The church is on the offence, and the Kingdom of God is destroying the Kingdom of darkness, and people are being radically changed by the overwhelming love and power of God. Today we see that when we stop resisting the Holy Spirit and embrace Him fully, we too can have the same Kingdom impact. See...
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