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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Pentecost - holy spirit and Fire

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 10th June 2019 in Religion & spirituality | holy spirit,God,Savlation,Heaven,Hell,Power,Evangelism
Introduction:Everything changed when the holy spirit came. No longer was the holy spirit available just to a few people at certain times, there was the potential for everyone to be filled with the holy spirit, anyone who would receive Jesus and believe in his death and resurrection. The holy spirit is God and for all that repent and ask, God comes and lives on the inside of us. This means we can live a free life that is lead by the spirit and delighted by the heart of God.   Key Verse:I baptise you with water for repentance, but he who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptise you with the holy spirit and...

It's time for a Showdown

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 19th April 2015 in General Topics | Love, Kingdom, holy spirit, Showdown, Family
The first 300 years of church history is like a western, where two people have a show down.   This is how faith spread; a power show down as the spirit broke out in the miraculous.   People turned on mass to Jesus not because of great marketing, or a slick sermon, or even fancy lighting and quality clip and powerpoint, but through the power of the holy spirit.   Its time for the church to have a shadow of Love and holy spirit power.   .  ...

Spontaneous - Songs, Words and Revelations

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 24th September 2019 in Religion & spirituality | holy spirit,rest,peace,comfort
This week the holy spirit took us on a different path as he spoke to us through various people in the church, listen in to hear what God was saying....

BE BAPTISED - holy spirit Baptism

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 21st January 2020 in Religion & spirituality | holy spirit,Power,faith,Service,fruit,character,supernatural
Today we finished our trilogy by looking at the baptism of the spirit - Is it for today, for everyone, a subsequent event or at conversion? Two weeks ago we saw the importance of repentance to restore intimacy - relationship with God. Last week the importance of Water Baptism - more than just a symbol, but a spiritual act that baptising us into christ, where our old life is dead and burred and we become alive in Jesus. Necessary in the process of Salvation. Today we look at spirit Baptism - vital for the church and every believer. If you have ever struggled with seeing Gods power at work, it maybe because of this - you need a continuous baptism in the spirit f...

Acts 12: spirit break out

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 1st December 2013 in Acts | Acts, New Testament, Christianity, video
Last week we looked at the importance of Holiness. Which has nothing to do with being a goody too shoes, but everything to do with being in relationship with a God who is holy, distinct, perfect, and yet meets us where we are and makes us holy, healed, forgiven and made whole. We saw how the Christians scattered after Stephens death, and some ended up in Antioch, an important and strategic City. The third most important city after Rome and Alexandria. In that City, we see the holy spirit move powerfully, through miracles, people coming to faith in Jesus, being made holy and whole and even practical provision met. Now Luke the writer of Acts, shift his atten...

History Maker - Josh-2Chron - Out of this World

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 10th November 2017 in Religion & spirituality | love,peace,joy,dirty,sin,clean,whole,holy,Jesus,God,holy spirit
My brother loves to wash his hands. When he was a kid, if it got a little dirty he wasn’t happy. So he avoided dirty stuff. Sometime we think the christian walk is like this, that because God is holy, we are meant to be holy, and to be holy we can’t associate with anyone who isn’t holy, who is sinful, who is in some way dirty. But is this really what God meant? Is this really what Jesus taught (I came for the sick, touched lepers, dead people, prostitutes etc)? Did Jesus want us to rather than hide from darkness, to shine brighter in the midst of it? Jesus wants us to live out of this world through his kingdom that changes and shapes the world around us....
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