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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Jesus is coming, are you ready? - 22nd April 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 22nd April 2012

Today, Jesus challenges us with: The End is near, and so what are we doing with our time?  We have seen that Jesus is razor sharp with his mission, he is not just hanging out and joking around with the guys, he is living with purpose and intensity.  How are you living your life, because Jesus is coming soon, are you ready?  (David Longman -Matthew: Discovering Jesus)....

Acts 20: Unique

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Acts on 2nd March 2014 | Duration: 00:38:14

Every human is unique. We are made unique, with a unique gift and calling that God has placed on our lives. Today we are at the end of Paul's three missionary journeys and are about to enter the final section of the book. Luke wants to make sure that we haven't fallen into the trap of thinking that Paul is an exception to the norm, and put on a pedestal. Paul's only secret was that he was an ordinary person, empowered by an extraordinary God, but he did something important with that power. He didn't dilute it in a myriad of priorities or possibilities, he didn't just let it go to waste. Instead he focused it all into his unique calling and poured his whole l...

Daniel 1 - The Culture of Heaven

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Daniel on 18th May 2014 | Duration: 00:31:51

The story so far is that the Babylonians have taken over Israel, they have taken some of God's people into their own country. Most of these captured guys where teenagers and the purpose of the Babylonians was to try and mould them into the Babylonian culture, train them to be Babylonian. However, today we see how these teenagers resist the pressures around them by setting themselves apart.A Holy People for a Holy God....