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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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new Marriage Same Spouse

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Marriage on 16th September 2012 | Duration: 00:38:54

Whether you, or you know someone who is struggling with love, relationships, even marriage, or you want to prepare yourself for future relationships and make an already good marriage better, then this series is for you.   Whether you are single, dating, engaged married or divorce, we want to introduce to Jesus, and to how he sees you and relationships. We want you to see that through him, you don t need a new relationship, but a new point of view, you don't need a new spouse, but a new marriage, and that in Jesus all things can be made new.   (David Longman - Marriage: What's the point?)....

Removing the Rubbish - 14th October 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Marriage on 14th October 2012 | Duration: 00:24:34

Who takes out the rubbish in your house? If you live in a home, you re going to have rubbish. You need to collect it and take it out. So it is in any relationship, but particularly a marriage relationship. You re going to sin against them, they are going to sin against you, rubbish is going to accumulate. If you don t know how to get rid of it, it s going to stink up the whole relationship, and make a mess of things.   Today, we are looking at repentance and forgiveness. (David Longman - Marriage: What's the point?)....

No End

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 29th December 2013 | Duration: 00:29:51

Today was the last Sunday of 2013 and as we looked at the temporal nature of life, we pondered maths, string theory and pi and asked ourselves what has that got to do with life and God?...

The Joy of the Lord

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 18th August 2013 | Duration: 00:30:22

Read Nehemiah 8:10. We all have things that make us happy and, for a while, fill us with joy.However good these things are, they will always fade. The joy of the Lord is an everlasting experience, something that will not fade and because of this it should be our strength to face life. In order to experience this joy, we first need to be filled with the unending love that God offers us. To watch the video which Paul mentions, click here....

Acts 23: make Over

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Acts on 23rd March 2014 | Duration: 00:43:28

We live in a culture where appearances are everything. The way we look is so important that we will dye, wax, clip, cut, and make over. We are defined by the way we dress, the way we talk or walk. People will even cross over the road if a certain looking person comes their way. We have all done it, pre-judged someone by the way they look, and yet the Kingdom of God looks at things completely differently...!...

Daniel 8 - Living in the mystery

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Daniel on 27th July 2014 | Duration: 00:39:49

What do we do with things we don't understand, with a God we can't comprehend? What do we do with situations that just don't make sense, and a life that throws us more questions than answers? How do we live life in the mystery? Last week we looked at how the enemy tries to come in through friendly fire, and the importance of loving one another and living in unity. This week we look at how the enemy tries to break in from outside the camp. How we need to be prepared. How trials come and we may not understand why, but we can still live in victory, through the mystery....
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