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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Naturally Super - 19th February 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 6th March 2012

Matthew tells us that Jesus life was high impact, that people crowded to see him, that peoples lives were changed.  Healing and miracles, followed wherever Jesus went. Even his followers were willing to die for him.  Today we will see how Jesus models a naturally super life, and asks us to do the same (David Longman - Matthew: Discovering Jesus)....

Plastic Jesus - 4th March 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 6th March 2012

If we want our faith raised and potential released, to be fearless in the fight, to obey Jesus orders and to be mobilised for mission, then we need to kick out the plastic Jesus and discover the real Jesus. (David Longman - Mathew: Discovering Jesus)....

Greatness - 11th March 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 11th March 2012

The worlds view of Greatness is often linked to postion, achievement and wealth, yet does this really make someone great?  Jesus gives a view that turns our society upside down. (David Longman - Matthew: Discovering Jesus)....

Marriage and Relationships - 18th March 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 18th March 2012

Einstein said, 'The concept of marriage must have been thought up by an unimaginative pig.' But more importantly what does Jesus says about marriage and relationships. (David Longman - Matthew: Discovering Jesus)....

Humilitas - 25th March 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 25th March 2012

Have you noticed how people want to get in the limelight?  Its all about fame and recognition.  Todays culture is about how many friends you have on face book, how many people follow you on twitter...  We are promoting and producing a generation that welcomes the original sin that broke our world into pieces, and that was, and still is today Pride.  However, Jesus, shows us a different way - the way of Humility (David Longman - Matthew: Discovering Jesus)....

The King's Wedding - 1st April 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 1st April 2012

Today the true King Rides into town, take his bride, and the celebrations begin.   But how should we respond?   Will we miss the celebrations, or will we be part of them? (David Longman - Matthew: Discovering Jesus)....
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