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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Humilitas - 25th March 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 25th March 2012

Have you noticed how people want to get in the limelight?  Its all about fame and recognition.  Todays Culture is about how many friends you have on face book, how many people follow you on twitter...  We are promoting and producing a generation that welcomes the original sin that broke our world into pieces, and that was, and still is today Pride.  However, Jesus, shows us a different way - the way of Humility (David Longman - Matthew: Discovering Jesus)....

Kingdom Culture

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 29th July 2013

The amount of Kingdom momentum across the world is increasing.  The Kingdom is  advancing in so many extra ordinary ways.  The body of Christ is to be full of light pushing  back the darkness.  We should never feel we are loosing, but that we can change the  world, and we do.  This is not a vain imagination, but truth.  We need to have meat and  feet to our message, we need to be living in a way that the world is being changed around  us, that Gods Culture is being brought to this world.  Gods Culture is one of life, and hope and victory through the love and blood of Jesus. ...

Kingdom Community

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 4th August 2013

Read Nehemiah 6v15-16. As we learn to host the presence of God, live with the Culture of heaven, and step out in the miraculous; Gods Kingdom is built. However, this is not something we do in isolation, but together in community. We see that Nehemiah does not rebuild Jerusalem on his own, but everyone has a part to play, and in the same way God has called his church to build his Kingdom through being in community. Individualism is not an aspect of Gods Kingdom. Individualism kills, community brings life... God longs to bless a people group, he longs to rest his presence on a community rather than just individuals. A key value of this church is community. Our mis...

Acts 17 - Mars Hill: God and Culture

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Acts on 2nd February 2014 | Duration: 00:33:37

If you have ever wondered where the name Mars Hill came from, then today will help you.  We will see the Hill on which Paul debates with the greatest thinkers of their time is called Mars Hill.  We will see how he engages with Culture, connects with people, and brings God right into the center of it all.  We will see how God and Culture come together and the gospel spreads across Greece through the power and presence of God....

Acts 23: Make Over

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Acts on 23rd March 2014 | Duration: 00:43:28

We live in a Culture where appearances are everything. The way we look is so important that we will dye, wax, clip, cut, and make over. We are defined by the way we dress, the way we talk or walk. People will even cross over the road if a certain looking person comes their way. We have all done it, pre-judged someone by the way they look, and yet the Kingdom of God looks at things completely differently...!...

Intro to Daniel: Kingdom Culture

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Daniel on 11th May 2014 | Duration: 00:43:28

Daniel is one of the most important books of the Bible to understand. Daniel connects the Old and New Testaments. Through Daniel, God revealed the exact date month and year of Jesus death and events leading to His return. Daniel demonstrates God's comprehension over time and nations, by giving detailed prophecies about the succession of kingdoms and rulers. Daniel foretells the eventual establishment of Jesus' kingdom, which will overthrow the kingdoms of this world. Ultimately the book shows us how to live in a foreign land within an alien Culture and use the Culture of heaven to completely transform it!...
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