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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Kingdom Authority

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 30th June 2013 in Nehemiah | Sermon, video, Nehemiah, Kingdom Authority, Old Testament
Nehemiah was the cup bearer to the King of Babylon, an important yet unseen position. Nehemiah, a seemingly insignificant person, was given authority and resources by the king to rebuild Jerusalem.God does the same for us, we are given authority and resources by God to see His kingdom come here on earth, living daily in his presence.  ...

Kingdom Building: Nehemiah 3

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 7th July 2013 in Nehemiah | Sermon, video, Nehemiah, Kingdom Building, Old Testament
We continue to look at the subject of Gods Kingdom, and how we access and administer this to the earth. We all have a part to play, we all have been called to be part of building Gods Kingdom on earth, and we need to know what it is God has called us too. Last week I mentioned that Nehemiah had been given authority and the resources of the King to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple, this week the work begins.  ...

God With Us

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 14th July 2013 in General Topics | Sermon, video, God, New Testament, God With Us, Paul Whitford
God is with us everywhere we go. Being in tune with God all the time means that we will feel what God feels, see what God sees, hear what God hears and do what God asks of us.How do we get so close to God that we do feel, see, hear and do what God does, and in doing so bring the presence of God into every situation with us?  ...

Kingdom Opposition

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 21st July 2013 in Nehemiah | Sermon, video, Nehemiah, Kingdom Opposition, Old Testament
Nehemiah has been called to rebuild Jerusalem, reinstating the center of worship for Gods people.  We see that he and Gods people were able to build effectively due to the authority and resources given to them by the king.  In the same way we are called to build Gods Kingdom here on earth, to build a place and atmosphere of worship.  We too have been given resources and authority to do this by our King - Jesus.  Today we look at the topic of Kingdom opposition and how we are to respond.  What we will see, is that in any work that is done for good, evil can be close at hand...  ...

Mars Hill Sea Baptism 2013

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 4th August 2013 in Baptisms | baptism, sea,
It was such a joy yesterday to see three of our folk, Charley Tribble, Courtney Tribble and Jordan Horne being baptised in the sea. What a great witness for Jesus Christ! The service that followed was a real blessing, hearing about how our young people were seeking God in speaking to and praying with people on Wednesday evening during their Youth Connect group. As a church we are embarking on a journey together, where we are learning how to host Gods presence as part of our everyday life.   We want to live from the place of heaven until we see Gods Kingdom come on earth and the supernatural life becomes the norm.  The next set of preaching and teaching over t...

Kingdom Community

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 4th August 2013 in Nehemiah | nehimiah, kingdom, community, old testament
Read Nehemiah 6v15-16. As we learn to host the presence of God, live with the culture of heaven, and step out in the miraculous; Gods Kingdom is built. However, this is not something we do in isolation, but together in community. We see that Nehemiah does not rebuild Jerusalem on his own, but everyone has a part to play, and in the same way God has called his church to build his Kingdom through being in community. Individualism is not an aspect of Gods Kingdom. Individualism kills, community brings life... God longs to bless a people group, he longs to rest his presence on a community rather than just individuals. A key value o...
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