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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Hypocrisy - 15th March 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 15th April 2012

Have you ever met someone and once you got to know them, you realised they are not the person you thought they were?   This can be especially true in the church.  We often hear Christians being called hypocrites, and we all know the saying, ‘appearances can be deceiving.’  However, Christianity is meant to be marked by Authentic lifestyle, love and community; Jesus should be at the heart of his church? (David Longman - Matthew: Discovering Jesus)....

Ordinary Radicals - 27th May 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 27th May 2012

Jesus has just been beaten, crucified, and buried in a tomb.  Three days latter he beats death itself and makes his way around, telling people that he is alive, that sins can be forgiven, that there is life to come.  Just before he ascends back to heaven, he stands before his faithful disciples, and passes on to them his mission.  He tells them that, All authority is his, and he wants them to take his authority and revolutionize a world with his message of love and forgiveness.  Today the same is for us, Jesus reigns supreme, and he passes on to us his power and authority through the infilling and empowering of the Holy Spirit (David Longman...

Did Jesus go to Hell? - 5th August 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Questions@Mars on 5th August 2012 | Duration: 00:41:54

In 2007, 56% of people in the UK believed in hell.   It is probably a lot less now...   Even many Christians have mixed views on hell and heaven:   Everyone goes to heaven, or only those who love Jesus.   Some believe it to be real, others just metaphorical, but what does the bible really say? And did Jesus really go there? (David Longman - Questions@Mars Hill).   Connect notes and sermon extracts...

Goodness and Suffering - 12th Aug 2012

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Questions@Mars on 12th August 2012 | Duration: 00:41:11

The most common question any Christian is asked, or even asks themselves is if God is good and loving why does he allow bad things to happen?   In fact why did he wipe out nations in the past?   And why does he send people to hell?   We try to reconcile Gods love and goodness with the evil we see, and land with a problem.   Today we look at tackling this tough question.   (David Longman - Questions@Mars Hill).   Connect notes and Sermon extracts...

New Marriage Same Spouse

By Mars Hill Podcasts in Marriage on 16th September 2012 | Duration: 00:38:54

Whether you, or you know someone who is struggling with love, relationships, even marriage, or you want to prepare yourself for future relationships and make an already good marriage better, then this series is for you.   Whether you are single, dating, engaged married or divorce, we want to introduce to Jesus, and to how he sees you and relationships. We want you to see that through him, you don t need a new relationship, but a new point of view, you don't need a new spouse, but a new marriage, and that in Jesus all things can be made new.   (David Longman - Marriage: What's the point?)....

Kingdom Culture

By Mars Hill Podcasts in General Topics on 29th July 2013 | Duration: 00:38:54

The amount of Kingdom momentum across the world is increasing.  The Kingdom is  advancing in so many extra ordinary ways.  The body of Christ is to be full of light pushing  back the darkness.  We should never feel we are loosing, but that we can change the  world, and we do.  This is not a vain imagination, but truth.  We need to have meat and  feet to our message, we need to be living in a way that the world is being changed around  us, that Gods culture is being brought to this world.  Gods culture is one of life, and hope and victory through the love and blood of Jesus. ...
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