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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Vision Sunday 2016

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 24th January 2016 in Vision Sunday | Vision Sunday,Vision Sunday 2016,God's love,radical love,spiritual gifts,gifts,artwork
To love, to serve, to give, to be untied, to be on mission, requires creativity and God is going to release new forms of creativity among us.God, out of His love, created us and enables us to be creative. Each of us has been made in God’s image and we are all creative whether it is in art or music, writing or singing, social action or showing hospitality, practical work or random acts of kindness.Every one of our gifts, both the obvious and more obscure, is to be used creatively and supernaturally as acts of worship. Giving of our tithes, time and talents are all part of our worship.     The artwork from Sunday:...

We Are in a Battle

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 22nd August 2016 in General Topics | spiritual warfare,spiritual battle,spiritual gifts
  We are in a battle, a battle that is not waged with planes, tanks, ships and guns. A battle that is not based on human intellect, strength or strategic prowess. But a battle that is a spiritual battle; one that breaks down every power of darkness and brings people into light and life. We are called to bring the gospel of Jesus to everyone and anyone - to have our hearts break with the heart of God, which brings us to our knees and makes us willing to even give up our very lives, for the lives of those around us. Today we are reminded that time is short and the mission field is large - there is no time to waste…   For though we walk in the fles...

Faith Under Fire: spiritual Warfare

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 30th March 2015 in Faith Under Fire | faith under fire, questions, spiritual warfare, devil, demons, possession
Faith Under Fire: spiritual Warfare.Can Christians be possessed? What power does the devil have over people today? How can we combat spiritual evil?Today we address these questions!...

2 Corinthians 10: The Ministry of Defence

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 13th November 2019 in Religion & spirituality | defence,warfare,spiritual,natural,love
spiritual Warfare is one of those areas that Christians often talk about but few fully understand. Many have heard about, but few engage with. For some it’s about screaming at the devil and rebuking everything that goes bump in the night. For others; Satan doesn’t exist so its not an issue. For many though it just doesn’t feature on our radar - we lead our lives through the situations we face and the decisions we make. We are naturally bound and the spiritual doesn’t feature from day to day. Yet the bible gives us a different picture - there is the physical and there is the natural and both exist in conjugation with each other, and the spiritual althou...

Strong Foundations - Genesis 28 - Unseen God

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 15th September 2020 in Religion & spirituality | spiritual gifts,God,Church,Temple,Holy
Have you ever gone though life wondering where God is? It might not be that is was particularly a bad time of life, but you just couldn’t really see what God was doing? This can often be the case both in the good, bad, but also normal parts of life. Have you ever then looked back over that time and as you have looked Suddenly God reveals to you what he was doing, and where he was? All of a sudden you see how God was fully in it?...

spiritual Mothers and Fathers - Paul Friend

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 18th April 2017 in Religion & spirituality | fathers day,Father,mothers,spiritual
Paul Friend - Director of SWYM, spoke to us about the need for spiritual Mothers and Fathers....
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