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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Ask Us Anything - How do I gain salvation and can I?

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 1st July 2019 in Religion & Spirituality | salvation,Election,Chosen,Adopted,Calvin,Luther,Arminius,Jesus,Love,Will,Hope,atonement
What did Jesus really accomplish on the cross and does it really matter? Does everyone get in to the good place, or only some? Do we get to choose, or does God choose? And then when we are on the way to heaven, can we loose our salvation, can we fall away from Grace and find ourselves in Hell?...

Weekly Video - 6th July - Freebee

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 5th July 2020 in Religion & Spirituality | free,salvation,cost,discipleship
Check out our latest weekly video......

Good Friday 2016

Posted by Dave Longman on 26th March 2016 in Christianity | christianity,good friday,jesus,celebration,sacrifice,salvation
On Good Friday we took to the streets of Teignmouth for a celebration involving balloons, hot cross buns, chocolate nests and a service; with music, drama and a message.  The sun was shining and lots of people came out to hear the Good News of Jesus.  ...

Weekly Video 10th May - Listen

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 10th May 2020 in Religion & Spirituality | listen,hear,salvation,faith,sin,Jesus,grows
10th May - Weekly video - Listen - How do we listen to God in the midst of the noise and business of life?...

Ask Us Anything - What happens when you die?

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 23rd July 2019 in Religion & Spirituality | death,life,hope,hell,heaven,hades,sheol,salvation
So what happens when we die? Do we become dis-embodied souls flying around the world looking for people to creep up on in the night, or get caught on ghost camera’s? Do we all just fall asleep until Jesus comes again, and if he comes again, when and how? Do we go to hell and burn or to heaven and be at peace? Do we just cease to exist? There are so many questions, thoughts and theories around this subject, yet the bible has lots to say.  ...

Lets Get Real #6 - Are you ready to die?

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 27th June 2017 in Religion & Spirituality | death,life,salvation,Jesus,wholeness,sacrifice
We are still in a Season of death. When I look around it looks like we are dying, but that is exactly what God wants, he wants us to die to ourselves. The stripping back has nothing to do with simplicity but death, its to do with making Jesus the focus not us or our preferences. Anyone that makes it about anything other than Jesus has got it wrong, and you will know by the fruit not what they say. We can all say its about Jesus but if it comes down to someone or something, if the focus gets put on someone, or something then the root is wrong. Jesus said unless a grain of what falls to the ground and dies, it cannot bear fruit (John 12 v 24-26)....
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