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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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History Maker - Out of Revelation

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 11th December 2017 in Religion & Spirituality | Jesus
Whenever I mention the book of Revelations I often get a couple of responses from; Thats all about end times stuff, 4 horseman of the apocalypse, end fo the world. Or thats just weird crazy and I totally don't understand it. Although there is some truth in both their responses, this, I believe, is not the primary purpose of the book. I believe its number 1 purpose is to reveal Jesus to us, and ultimately not the carpenter Jesus, but the risen Jesus, who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, who has ultimately won. This is why we need to read the bible with the Holy Spirit, so we get to know Jesus, and in so doing understand who we are....

Easter 2020 - LIFE

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 16th April 2020 in Religion & Spirituality | Life,Jesus,alive,celebration,hope,salvation
Sorry about the audio quality - we had a technical hitch... I was thinking about the concept of life, what is it? What does it actually mean to actually have life? If you look up the word it means the existence of an individual - to be alive means you exist, but why do you and I exist? Whats the point , the purpose? Does life just find a way, is it something that just cannot be contained, and so it just multiplies? And where does it come from, does it just self generate, is it eternal in some way? Then when we do have life or exist, what does it mean to live, what gives meaning purpose and fulfilment to life?  ...


Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 24th April 2016 in General Topics | Called,calling,Gift of God,purpose,empowered,world changers
We are all called by God, we all have a gift and purpose, and God wants us to use all that we are and have for His purposes and Glory. Many of us think we need to first get our lives sorted, or become educated and equipped in some way. Yet the beauty of the gospel is that while we were dead in our sin, Jesus died for us. He died to deal with our sin, to give us new life and through the Holy Spirit in us, to empower us to be world changers.    ...

Exodus 2: A Plan and a purpose

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 28th June 2015 in Exodus | Exodus, slavery, freedom
God had a plan and a purpose for the Israelites in the days of Moses - as He has for us today. Nations are being blessed through God s church. When pressure is being put on us, it shows that God s church is blessing the nations and fulfilling a prophetic promise from Isaiah 43. We are God s witnesses, He chose us and redeemed us, and when we acknowledge this, He steps in and does miraculous, momentous things through us. We are God s workmanship: we are the clay and He is the potter, moulding us into the likeness of Christ, bit by bit. We are a new creation in Him. And we are called to be His witnesses who will display Jesus to the world....

Ask Us Anything - What is the point of pain and suffering?

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 21st August 2019 in Religion & Spirituality | pain,sickness,suffering,death,hope,life,purpose,sanctification,Holy
...Is there purpose in pain?...

History Maker - Acts - Out of the Church

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 30th November 2017 in Religion & Spirituality | gospel,lifestyle,love,salvation,community,neighbours
...Last week we saw that through the gospels Jesus showed us that a life of humility, of death to sin brings something beautiful, which was fully realised by the cross. We now see how this new found life through the Holy, brings the presence of God out of the church into everyday life. We see how God takes ordinary people and through the empowering of the Holy spirit creates History makers. This means we are on mission and that the purpose of gathering is not just fellowship. Fellowship is good, but fellowship without purpose is just self gratifying, with little impact. However, if we gather because we need each other to to keep our focus on making disciples, th...
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