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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Love to be Hated

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 24th April 2018 in Religion & Spirituality | love,hate,suffering,persecution,life,death,joy,hope
My daughter once said to me that she loved me to death - It got me thinking thats exactly how much God loves us. God want to love us until death - a pruning that produces death to everything that hinders us and holds us back. He wants to love us until there is death to our sin, our sickness, our insecurities, our fear. This will in turn cause us to love God and others. However, the paradox will be the more we love God, the more we will love people, the more we will be persecuted, and even hated for it....

death where is your sting?

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 30th November 2014 in General Topics | death, eternal life, Christ, victory, life
Our world is fascinated by eternal life; how we can stay young, how we can evade old age and maybe even death.  We have creams that promise reduced wrinkles and youthful looking skin.  We have diets and tablets that say they reduce the signs of ageing.  Films have been made about the cradle of life, and the fountain of youth.  Although in desperate times people want to end their life, in general there seems to be a belief that life goes on, that death is not the end, or even the way it should be.  Its as if eternity has been inscribed into our DNA, but we can't quite put our finger on it....

Sin Slayer

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 3rd January 2016 in General Topics | sin,death,sin slayer,grace,justifies,sanctifies
Jesus’ death paid for our sins - He was punished so we don’t have to be. Yet we still have the responsibility to put residing sin to death on a daily basis. The same Grace that Justifies - makes us right before God - also Sanctifies - makes us more like Jesus. Two sides of the one coin of salvation: neither can be separated from the other. God is calling us to be a church that gets to the root of the problems and digs it out. The root is that we find satisfaction in other things rather than Jesus: He is not our first love. However, when He is, His power in us will make the impossible possible - it will put to death sin in our lives!  ...

Exodus 14 - It's Time To Die!

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 6th September 2015 in Exodus | Exodus, Seeing, believing, miracle, supernatural, slavery, freedom, Jesus, Kingdom
God wants us to die... He wants us to die to ourselves, so that Jesus becomes the focus not us or our preferences. Jesus said unless a grain of what falls to the ground and dies, it cannot bear fruit (John 12v24-26). When Jesus died the enemy thought he had won, it looked like he had lost, it looked like the end. But Jesus death was where he was most victorious, it was his death that brought the most life, it was his death that brought the victory over Satan, sin and death, and so we need to die, so that only Jesus is left. We see today that the Israelites face there enemy head on and through the waters of the red sea they come into victory. Through crossing th...

Lets Get Real #6 - Are you ready to die?

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 27th June 2017 in Religion & Spirituality | death,life,salvation,Jesus,wholeness,sacrifice
We are still in a Season of death. When I look around it looks like we are dying, but that is exactly what God wants, he wants us to die to ourselves. The stripping back has nothing to do with simplicity but death, its to do with making Jesus the focus not us or our preferences. Anyone that makes it about anything other than Jesus has got it wrong, and you will know by the fruit not what they say. We can all say its about Jesus but if it comes down to someone or something, if the focus gets put on someone, or something then the root is wrong. Jesus said unless a grain of what falls to the ground and dies, it cannot bear fruit (John 12 v 24-26)....

Pruning that produces death

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 10th April 2018 in Religion & Spirituality | pruning,death,life,sacrifice,surrender,salvation,holy,sanctified
Most people who are gardeners know that pruning is beneficial for tree’s to produce new shoots and better fruit. But they also know that over pruning will send a tree into shock, will cause it to yield a poor amount of fruit and at worst kill it. This is the kind of pruning that I feel we need to subject too - a pruning that produces death. This is not so we don’t exist, but so we have life, so we can live, so we can go, so we can grow, so we can bear new fruit....
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