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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Exodus 26: God's House

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 21st February 2016 in Exodus | Exodus,God's House,Temple of the Holy Spirit
God wants us to pursue an intimate love relationship with His people. He will not end that pursuit until He has accomplished His eternal purpose in our lives. From Genesis to Revelation, we can see God progressively moving closer and closer to the heart of humanity. We hear God walking with Adam in the late afternoon in Genesis. He also walked with Enoch, talked to Abraham, communed with Moses and the prophets. GOD’S PLAN IS AND ALWAYS WAS TO BE AMONG HIS PEOPLE.   Key Verse: ‘…..do you not know that your body is a Temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. 1 C...

Strong Foundations - Genesis 28 - Unseen God

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 15th September 2020 in Religion & Spirituality | spiritual gifts,God,Church,Temple,Holy
Have you ever gone though life wondering where God is? It might not be that is was particularly a bad time of life, but you just couldn’t really see what God was doing? This can often be the case both in the good, bad, but also normal parts of life. Have you ever then looked back over that time and as you have looked Suddenly God reveals to you what he was doing, and where he was? All of a sudden you see how God was fully in it?...

Kingdom Building: Nehemiah 3

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 7th July 2013 in Nehemiah | Sermon, video, Nehemiah, Kingdom Building, Old Testament
We continue to look at the subject of Gods Kingdom, and how we access and administer this to the earth. We all have a part to play, we all have been called to be part of building Gods Kingdom on earth, and we need to know what it is God has called us too. Last week I mentioned that Nehemiah had been given authority and the resources of the King to rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple, this week the work begins.  ...

Acts 19: Ordinarily Extraordinary

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 23rd February 2014 in Acts | Acts, New Testament, Christianity, video, Holy Spirit, demons
We come to a very exciting passage of scripture. Paul turns up in Ephesus and all heaven breaks open. Paul's successful ministry in this city came with such Holy Spirit power, that people left their cults and alternative religious beliefs, their spiritualism and occultism to follow Jesus. The work was so powerful, that Paul became a threat to the dominating Temple of Artemus (Acts 19:27). Life, music, religion was impacted and left changed....

Soul Food - If Jesus did Mars Hill Church

Posted by Mars Hill Church on 11th September 2016 in Meditation | soul food,if jesus did Mars Hill Church,devotion,study,meditation
Introduction The church, in general, is in danger of loosing what set it apart in the first place; People overwhelmed by the love of God, totally devoted to Jesus, living in community together reaching out to a world with the love, power and presence of God. Many people think the church is outdated and not relevant to today - from the Sunday service to the mid week meetings - many people are trying to find new ways of doing things - fresh expressions. This can often involve Churches trying to soften the musical worship times, reduce preaching slots, thinking people wont connect because it is not relevant. Many people are trying to think of new ways of presen...