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Mars Hill Church Teignmouth

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Kingdom Building: Nehemiah 3

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 7th July 2013 in Nehemiah | Sermon, video, Nehemiah, Kingdom Building, Old Testament
We continue to look at the subject of Gods Kingdom, and how we access and administer this to the earth. We all have a part to play, we all have been called to be part of Building Gods Kingdom on earth, and we need to know what it is God has called us too. Last week I mentioned that Nehemiah had been given authority and the resources of the King to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple, this week the work begins.  ...

DNA - The Building Blocks of Life

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 7th May 2019 in Religion & Spirituality | DNA,Building blocks,life,identity,cost,discipleship
DNA is like the life source of living organism. DNA forms genes which in turn defines, shapes, and makes people what they are. DNA is meant to replicate, be passed on, create things in its image. As Christians we were and are made in the image of God - supernatural, spiritual DNA running through our bodies - made to reflect the likeness of God. So what is in our DNA?...

Obadiah - Kingdom Come

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 3rd June 2019 in Religion & Spirituality | Kingdom authority,Kingdom,Jesus,Father,Holy Spirit
God has gifted us and uses us to preach and live out the gospel, to bring the Kingdom and this starts with prayer. We need prayer weeks, prayer nights, prayer days, fasting and praying and getting on our knees - To see a church on their knees desperate for Jesus and for the things of God - Hungry, broken, crying out. Not because Jesus hasn’t already done it and won the victory, but because he already has. But we can’t be silent, we cant be still, we cant just sit back and say everything is ok. We must get out of our prayer meetings and brings God Kingdom every day with everything we say and do and with everyone that we meet....

Ask Us Anything Wrap up Session and Prophetic Word

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 3rd September 2019 in Religion & Spirituality | Bones,Dead,Life,Provision,Jesus,Holy Spirit
A visitor who came a few weeks ago sent us a prophetic words which we believe God is encouraging us with. Spend some time reading the below and looking at the key verse: We visited Mars Hill whilst on holiday today. It was encouraging to hear the tougher parts of suffering being preached on - the parts that are so often missed out in the 'bless me' culture that can be so prevalent! Having read the media stories about the church Building and the church's vision, then being there ourselves today, Ezekiel 37 wouldn't go away.  I felt God was saying that as He reconstructs and builds the 'skeleton' of your Building, He will raise up and grow the 'tendons' and...

Daniel 7: The United Kingdom

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 20th July 2014 in Daniel | Daniel, Kingdom, Culture, Old Testament, Unity, Love, Jesus, Christian Unity
Daniel revisits the message of Daniel 2, where Nebuchadnezzar had a dream of an image that was Gold, silver, bronze, and clay. The message was that the Babylonian Kingdom and every subsequent Kingdom will fall, whereas the Kingdom of God will remain, an unshakable unbreakable Kingdom. Today we see a dream Daniel had, while Belshazzar was king. In effect we have gone back in time a bit. The dream is different but the meaning is the same, nations are falling, Kingdoms will crumble, but there is a King that remains, and he is on his throne of power. Today we are going to look at one of the most important messages we can learn, because the impact of this church dep...

Kingdom Community

Posted by Mars Hill Blog on 4th August 2013 in Nehemiah | nehimiah, Kingdom, community, old testament
Read Nehemiah 6v15-16. As we learn to host the presence of God, live with the culture of heaven, and step out in the miraculous; Gods Kingdom is built. However, this is not something we do in isolation, but together in community. We see that Nehemiah does not rebuild Jerusalem on his own, but everyone has a part to play, and in the same way God has called his church to build his Kingdom through being in community. Individualism is not an aspect of Gods Kingdom. Individualism kills, community brings life... God longs to bless a people group, he longs to rest his presence on a community rather than just individuals. A key value o...
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